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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. No matter what you've got, it seems like the thing you haven't got is more appealing. Look out your back door and check out the neighbor's patio furniture, and maybe you'll decide you would like a set like that. Or maybe you actually do like their grass. It just seems to be human nature that we always want something else. On your computer, it could be something as simple as a file in the wrong format.

FileWiggler is a tool that can help you out with that. It is designed to let you convert most audio and video files from one format to another. Got a Flash movie that you need as a QuickTime MOV file? Convert it. Got a WMA that you can only use as an MP3? Convert it. You get the picture. FileWiggler supports many of the common—and even less common—formats, so you can probably turn whatever you've got into whatever you need.

FileWiggler is a free online service. All you need to use it is a web browser and a desire for something you don't have.

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