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runs on Windows
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Sometimes bigger is better. Other times, you'd rather have just the basics—the necessary stuff and nothing else. Take those photos on your computer. Sure, it's cool to see where you went on vacation, or to look at the nifty new car sitting in your driveway, but each of those images carries a bunch of other baggage with it in the form of metadata that tells you about the image, but is not itself the image.

JPEG & PNG Stripper is a tool that takes all that extra stuff away. It doesn't affect the image itself, but it can shrink file sizes by cleaning out all that unnecessary stuff. And while your mileage may vary, it can never hurt to make those files smaller, especially if you have to download or archive them. And if you're feeling particularly adventurous, there's a command line mode, as well as the GUI format, so you can add this functionality to scripts and batch files as well.

JPEG & PNG Stripper is a Windows application.

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