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Teaching is an interesting undertaking. On one hand, as a teacher you have the opportunity to mold the minds of the next generation and get them off on the right foot. On the other hand, you're also janitor, social worker, and traffic cop for all the kids in your class. Lesson plans are important, but so are seating charts. You probably got into teaching for the academics, so maybe you could use a tool that helps take some of the administrative overhead off your shoulders.

Seating Chart Maker is an application that can help you get all your students where they belong. Whether it's a child with vision issues who needs to be in the front of the class, or those two kids who just cannot be allowed to sit next to each other—too much talking or too much fighting—this tool can help you spend less time figuring out the classroom logistics and more time teaching your students what they need to know. And isn't that really why you teach?

Written by the spouse of a teacher, Seating Chart Maker runs under Windows and is a free download.

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