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If you're responsible for the care and feeding of a website or three, then you know that your two main priorities are creating the site and then making sure that it's accessible to the big wide world out there. If you've only got a single site, you could probably just wander by a couple times a day to make sure that things are happening, but if you've got multiple sites—or you have other responsibilities than just browsing the Web all day—then you could probably use some help.

http-ping is a tool that can help you make sure your sites are up and running. As the name might imply, it's kind of like "pinging" your site, but rather than looking for just the terse ICMP response you'd get from a ping, you'll get the HTTP status code that the server returns for your page, as well as the number of bytes in the response and the round-trip time for your request to get a response. What that all means is that you'll know that your site—or at least the page you pinged—is alive and well and you can get on with your day. And since http-ping is a command-line tool, you can integrate it into scripts and batch files to automate your checking.

http-ping is a Windows app. You can use it on systems running WinXP and later.

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