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runs on Windows
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If you've got a few files here and want to put copies of them other there, you can issue the "copy" command in a DOS box, or drag-and-drop files in Windows Explorer. If you're dealing with more than a few files, or if you have folders full of some files you want to copy and some that you don't, then your life can get more complicated. That's where a tool like Copy Handler can come in handy.

Copy Handler is a WYSIWYG tool that helps you copy or move files more quickly and efficiently. Specify the files you want to copy by extension, size, date, or file attributes. Set the priority of your copy session, so that your work doesn't come to a screeching halt as you wait for the files to be copied. You can even specify multiple copies for your destination if you like.

Copy Handler is an open source Windows application, and a free download.

Download Copy Handler

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