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In the world of computer graphics, there are basically two different ways to get a picture on your screen: a bitmap file and a vector file. Bitmap files typically come from places like Photoshop or your digital camera, and in those files are included each and every one of the pixels you're going to look at when the picture is displayed on your monitor. Vector images come from tools like Illustrator, and rather than containing a squished-down version of the image, actually contain the instructions necessary for your computer to draw that picture in real time. Though the bitmaps may be easier to work with, the vector images allow more flexibility, especially when it comes to enlarging and reducing the size of the image: rather than getting all broken up and pixelated, they will still show smooth curves and be generally better looking.

SVG-edit is a free service that lets you edit SVG files, a particular format of vector image file, in your browser. Rather than having to shell out the bucks for Illustrator, or go through the hassle of installing Inkscape, all you need is your browser. You can access most of the functionality of this tool by just pointing your browser at their site; in addition, they have several plugins you can add to Firefox and Opera to let you do even more. And since this service is built on HTML5, you don't even need Flash on your system, which will be helpful to folks who run a certain brand of tablet computer.

SVG-edit is a free online service.

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  1. c m p says:

    Seems like this can replace illustrator. Can start with blank page and create illustrations.
    and really nothing needs to be downloaded.
    but (using google chrome)
    1. can’t figure out how to save svg file to hard drive.
    does it save on server? it opens another browser tab.
    2. can’t figure out how to work the text tool: once it displayed a menu that let me change the font size etc, but then the menu disappeared. In any case I never saw any text on the page.
    3. can not draw shapes at angle but can rotate later.
    4. source fies look simple and easy to edit.
    5. where can i get instructions?

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