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runs on Windows
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How much stuff can you keep track of at one time? Personally, once I run out of fingers and toes, things can get kind of dicey. But if you've got a folder on your computer that has dozens or hundreds or more files in it, how do you propose to figure out what you've really got? One way to organize things is to take big piles and break them down into little piles. But where do you start?

Folder Axe, in spite of its rather brutal-sounding name, is a helpful tool that can help you get organized when you're feeling overwhelmed. You can choose to have your files divided up by the numbers—break them down into ten directories, for example—as well as by file size (give me a bunch of 250 MB folders, if you please), or based on their names, file types and extensions. or dates. If you like, it can also then ZIP those files up into archives and add 256-bit encryption as well. You'll get so organized, you may be tempted to go back and just create more files.

Folder Axe is a Windows application. It runs under WinXP and later, and requires version 4 of the .NET Framework.

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