Browse Mac filesystems with your Windows machine

runs on Windows
screenshot of HFSExplorer

If your organization uses machines all running Windows or Mac systems, it's pretty easy to work together. Once you start mixing platforms, though, things can get more interesting. Mac users can use Finder to browse Windows volumes without any real problems, but for the Windows user looking at a Mac-formatted drive, it may not be so smooth.

HFSExplorer is designed specifically to let Windows users dig around in Mac filesystems. It has a GUI, so it doesn't look all that different from Windows Explorer. It works with the older HFS, HFS+ extended, and even HFSX with case sensitive filenames. Mount that networked Mac volume, or even your HFS+ formatted iPod. It also lets you get into Mac formatted .DMG disk image files.

HFSExplorer is primarily a Windows program, although since it is written in Java you could use it on your Mac or Linux machine if necessary.

Download HFSExplorer

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