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One of the cool things about your Mac is those neat little menubar apps that just sit up there at the top of your screen. Along with your clock and speaker volume control, you can add these little programs that are then always available to you. Depending on which ones you install, you can monitor your CPU usage, check out the contents of your clipboard, keep a to-do list, and much more. Unfortunately, though, as you keep adding those apps, their icons on the menubar take up more and more space, until you find yourself with some being cut off because they're being eclipsed by menu items belonging to apps you're running on your machine.

AccessMenuBarApps may be able to help you recapture some of that real estate on the menubar. With this tool running, it's easy to access "reduced menu apps" like Menuola, that by virtue of their having minimal menus (Menuola's application menu consists only of the letter "M"), minimize the amount of space that their menu takes up, leaving the maximum amount of menubar available for all those nifty little menubar apps. Maybe not such a big deal on that huge cinema display, but definitely a lifesaver on your 13-inch Macbook.

AccessMenuBarApps is a Mac application, and you can download it for free.

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