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Of all the pieces involved in web design, getting the colors right just might arguably be the most complicated. When you write your code, you're dictating how things are going to be done, and there may be many ways to accomplish a task to get the desired end result. When it comes to matching that precise shade of green, however, there is going to be exactly one way to do that, and close enough probably isn't really close enough.

Colors MiniLab is a tool that can give you a hand with all things color for web design. It lets you convert arbitrary color values between hex (#ffff00), decimal, RGB, and HSL (HSB). In addition, it features a color picker so you can grab a color on the desktop, essential in matching colors between what you've got and what you're building. It's a small app, so you're not making a major commitment in terms of disk space to bring it to the job, and it's just a single file, so you can stick it on a pen drive or just drop it anywhere that makes sense, without having to worry about an installer making a mess of your machine.

A free download, Colors MiniLab is a Windows application.

Download Colors MiniLab

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