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Microsoft Word is nothing if not a complex and complicated application. While you can use it make your grocery list or dash off a letter to Mom, you can also use it to build websites, publish books, do graphic layout, and all kinds of other stuff. In fact, it does so much stuff, that it's really hard to know exactly what's available to you at any give time, and even digging through various menus and choices may not get you the piece of information you want.

Word Options Utility is a tool that will let you see all the options settings for your copy of Word in one place at the same time. It comes as a Word document template which, when you open it, runs a big VBA macro that gathers all of that settings information and delivers it to you in an easy-to-read report.

Just by way of warning, since Word Options Utility is an autorun macro, your copy of Word or your antivirus app may complain when you open it. It's available for both Windows and Mac versions of Word, so you'll want to grab the right version for your machine.

Download Word Options Utility

2 Responses to “List optional Word settings”

  1. Pete Cahan says:

    Does not support latest versions of Word (2010) or Word:Mac (2011).

    Will these be supported soon?

  2. Janet Berg says:

    The Security Warning window’s “Always enable macros from this publisher” checkbox AND the “Enable Macros” button are both grayed out. ONLY action available is “Disable Maros”….How can I get past this without lowering my security setting (Med.)?
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
    Word 2003 SP3

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