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Even in this day of Twitter and instant communication, there is still a place for subscribing to and monitoring RSS feeds published by sites that make them available. Whether you're following news, politics, tech stuff, of more, newsfeeds make their content available to you and make it easy to stay on top of what's going on. One of the drawbacks of many RSS aggregators is that they can grow huge, with all kinds of features you may not be interested in, as well as being resource hogs and taking a big bite out of your system's performance. Feed Notifier tries to take care of that problem.

Feed Notifier is primarily interested in getting you the latest news fast, without a lot of bells and whistles. It just sits there in the System Tray, keeping an eye on things. When a news item arrives, it pops up a message, but doesn't drag your whole machine into it. You can set how often each feed is checked for new content, as well as deciding how long that pop up will stay on your screen. And when an alert does make itself known, Feed notifier doesn't grab keyboard or mouse focus, so it's not going to make a mess of whatever else you're working on.

Feed Notifier is a free download. It's a Windows Application.

Download Feed Notifier

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