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How much stuff do you have on your computer? Sure, there's all those reports and spreadsheets, but what about the important stuff: music, videos, ebooks, and all that? And once you realize just how much of it there is, you also realize that you're never going to find what you're really looking for in that collection.

Stuff Organizer helps you to organize all your stuff. It'll unzip and unpack archive files for you. Sort your files into categories and sub-categories. Add tags to help make things easier to find. The three-pane interface helps you to drill down into categories to find just the particular item you're looking for. Drag and drop files using Windows Explorer to add to the database without actually having to move those files. Or even if all of those media files are still sitting in the Download folder, you can actually find them.

Stuff Organizer runs under Windows XP and later.

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  1. Murdock says:

    Ohh, good stuff! Thx

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