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In the beginning was the printer. If you had something on your computer that you needed reduced to a sheet of paper, you sent it to the printer. Somewhat later, people decided that a hard copy wasn't always necessary, but they still wanted to capture the information that would have been printed out. People started "printing" to PDF files. Now it's possible to even go beyond that.

ImagePrinter Free is a virtual printer that lets you print documents to any of several different image file formats. While the PDF option is still there, you can also print to web-friendly PNG and JPG formats, as well as Windows' BMP format and the old reliable TIFF format. Like other virtual printer tools, all you need to do is to install ImagePrinter Free as a printer on your system, and choose it for output when you want to print to a PNG instead of a piece of paper.

ImagePrinter Free is a Windows Application. It should be compatible with systems running Win2k and later.

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  1. gergn says:

    It does not produce any output, nor any error message on Vista Home Premium 32, SP2

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