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runs on Windows
screenshot of SmokeScreen

Maybe you're scoping out some super secret new website. Or maybe you're just playing Minesweeper. Either way, it might be handy to be able to hide your screen when that nosy neighbor (or the boss) comes by.

SmokeScreen is a tool that lets you instantly make whatever is on your screen go away, replacing it with whatever you think would make it look like you're hard at work. You choose the trigger: roll your mouse to the edge of the screen, or maybe click the middle mouse button. You have the option of minimizing all the windows on your screen, or of displaying a screenshot of that busy spreadsheet or report you're supposed to be working on. And you can also decide whether a password is needed to restore your screen to its previous state. SmokeScreen sits there in the System Tray to remind you that it's running, or if you like even that icon can be hidden, allowing you to disguise the fact that you're hiding things.

SmokeScreen is a free download and runs under Windows.

Download SmokeScreen

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