Duplicate your audio CDs

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If you're on top of things, you back up your computer regularly. After all, you don't want to lose any important data that lives there. But what about backing up the other stuff in your life? Accidents do happen, and it would be a shame if you had an audio CD that got munched and required you to go and buy it again, when you could have already had a backup copy. That's what Exact Audio Copy is all about.

With Exact Audio Copy, you can create a near-perfect image of any audio CD and burn it to disk. It features advanced error correction, so your new disks should be just about as good as the originals. If you find that there's a bit of a tweak needed here or there, it's also got a built-in sound editor, which can automatically go after ticks and pops, or you can get in there manually to set things right.

Exact Audio Copy is a Windows application.

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  1. mick says:

    near perfect?? – just about as good as the originals…sounds a bit ambiguous – why not exact copies? what changes it from a copy to a ‘close copy’

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