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Taking a screenshot is easy. There are a bunch of tools—some even included with your operating system—that let you grab something you see off the screen and save it, maybe to insert into a document, or maybe to attach to an email. If you need to do something with your image—maybe add a note or draw an arrow or circle to draw attention to a particular feature of your picture—then you have to open your image file in a paint program and add that there. Or maybe you could use a tool that lets you do all that at one time.

Snaplr is a screenshot tool that also lets you edit your picture in the same tool. Grab your picture, add arrows, lines, boxes, or even write directly on the image, and then save the image to a file or drag it directly into an email. Makes the whole process a lot quicker, and lets you get on with your life, rather than getting bogged down with the tool itself.

Snaplr is a free download. It's available for both Mac and Windows (Vista or better).

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