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Sometimes things work best when everything is all in a big pile. Other times, you need to organize your stuff into smaller groups. Whether you're building a patio or working on your computer, you know you'll be more efficient when you're properly organized.

In Windows, you've got one desktop to work with. If you're involved in a fairly complex project, or juggling several jobs at once, it's easy for all the applications, windows, documents, and such to get out of control. In the Linux world, solutions involving virtual desktops—multiple screens each holding just some but not all of what you're working on at a given time—can be a big help. While researching your report, for example, you can have your word processor open in one desktop, with a web browser open in another, along with maybe a spreadsheet and an image editor in a couple more. That way, you can actually see what you're doing, and maybe—just maybe—you'll get something useful done.

Desktops is an application that brings multiple desktops to your Windows system. When you open your email client in Desktop 1, for example, switching to Desktop 2 will make it disappear and bring up your web browser or whatever applications you've got configured to run in that window. With less clutter in the way, you might just become more efficient, finish that important project, impress the boss, and receive a swell promotion. Or at least maybe you'll be able to go home on time today.

Desktops is a Windows application, and runs under XP and later.

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