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Just because something's new doesn't necessarily mean it's better. While typically a new version of Windows has all kinds of cool new bells and whistles, sometimes that comes at the cost of losing some other feature that you personally rely on. Since you're not going to prevail against Redmond in asking them to re-introduce that missing functionality, you're typically left to fend for yourself. Or, if you're lucky, some third party will step into the breach and pick up the slack.

Classic Shell attempts to bring back many of the features you used in XP and earlier versions that were unceremoniously dropped with Vista and Windows 7. Included features include a classic Start Menu that supports drag-and-drop to organize applications, right-click context menus to help you delete, rename, and sort files. A Windows Explorer plugin that lets you get rid of breadcrumbs in the address bar, adds sorting headers in list view, and more. By the time you're done, you'll have all the speed and power of the newer O/S, but with the familiar look and feel of that older version you maybe reluctantly gave up.

Classic Shell is a Windows application. You'll need to be running Vista or 7 to use it.

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2 Responses to “Classic Shell brings back missing features”

  1. Ruth Chambliss says:

    How crazy…an app to bring back things you wanted to keep when new version was launched and you need the new version to get the app!!! How much sense does this make???? Some of us STILL have and like the XP version, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it or at least don’t make all of us fix it….

  2. Steffen Pedersen says:

    This program played havoc with the contents of my Taskbar (Windows 7). I had to de-install.

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