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On the piano, when you plunk the key that plays Middle C, you get Middle C. There's really not a lot you can do to mess that up—it's not going to be sharp or flat, it's just going to sound that note. With many other instruments, there is a similar expectation: on your trumpet, a given fingering will give you a particular pitch, allowing for overtones, adequate breath support, and all that. Instruments like the trombone and violin require paying perhaps even closer attention, as you really have nothing but the sound itself to go on—there's no valve or key combination that "guarantees" a given pitch. And when it comes to the human voice, all bets are off. You really have to hear what you're singing to be able to get along. Ear training is important to the singer, and one of the techniques often used to help improve singers' ears is solfège.

GNU Solfege is a tool to help you train your ear. Exercises help you to drill on hearing (and singing) intervals, chords, and scales. While it comes with a bunch of exercises, it's easy to add your own as well, letting you work on the particular skills you're trying to master. It also features extensive documentation, so you should be up and singing in no time.

GNU Solfege is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.

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