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runs on Windows
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When you're interacting with a computer via a keyboard, things are pretty simple. You press a key, a character appears on the screen, end of story. But once you enter the World of the GUI, things get much more complicated. In the beginning was the mouse. You dragged it around the desktop, you clicked a button, and everything was fine. Sure, you added additional buttons, maybe a scrollwheel, but it was pretty much the same deal. Then came laptops, and with laptops came touchpads. While they helped you move a pointer around the screen, there is a real difference between the behavior of those two devices, not the least of which being the whole desktop for a mouse versus a couple of square inches for the touchpad.

AutoSensitivity lets you change the performance characteristics of your touchpad, independent of the behavior of a mouse you may have attached to the same computer. Set your mouse to be more–or less–responsive than your touchpad, and vice versa. Which profile gets used depends on whether your mouse is plugged in or not at any particular moment. No more big wild sweeps of the finger across the touchpad to get things going, as well as having to move the mouse only a fraction of an inch to get the cursor to rocket across the display.

AutoSensitivity is a free download. It's a Windows application, and should run just fine under XP and later. You'll also need to have at least version 3.5 of the .NET Framework installed.

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