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In the World of Windows, most files of a particular type have an application that's associated with them. If you want to open a particular DOC document in Word, you can fire up Microsoft Office, browse to where your document lives, choose it, and you're off to the races. Or you can find the file in Windows Explorer, double-click on it, and automagically Word starts up and loads your DOC.

Other times, things may not be quite so clear-cut. Say you've got a CSV file–a text file with comma-separated values–that was created in Excel. If you double click on that file, will it open in Excel, or will it open in Notepad or some other text editor? That's where the Open With option in the right click "context" menu comes in. Windows lets you dig through a list of apps to decide which one you want to use to open your file. Even then, though, it's generally a fairly limited list.

OpenWith Enhanced is a tool that lets you open files the way you really want to. Sure, you can pick the application you want to use, but what if you're not sure which app really belongs to that file? Instead of just giving you a suggested list of apps that already live on your system, OpenWith Enhanced also relies on a database of what other users have successfully opened that type of file with in the past. And as an added bonus, if you don't currently have a particular application installed on your machine, choosing it will take you online to a place where you can obtain that missing app.

A free download, OpenWith Enhanced is a Windows app and runs under both 32- and 64-bit versions.

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