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Halloween is almost upon us. This annual Fall festival is fun for young and old alike, as we dress up in fancy (or scary) costumes, bob for apples, and eat too much candy. If you're afraid of a sugar overdose, you're probably looking for other ways to enjoy this holiday.

Halloween Printables is a sugar-free way to celebrate the spookiest season of all. You can choose Halloween greeting cards to pass along your ghostly good wishes, as well as Halloween coloring pages (keep the little ones occupied as you check through their Trick or Treat candy), Halloween maze and word search puzzles, and even some scary signs (Black Cat Crossing!).

Halloween Printables are free to download. They're all available as PDF files, so you'll need a copy of Adobe Reader to print them. In addition, the Halloween greeting cards can also be downloaded as Word DOC files, so you can customize them with your own frightening greetings.

Download Halloween Printables

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