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One of the time-honored ways to waste time—I mean to show your creativity—is to fold paper airplanes. Whether you're not paying attention in class, not paying attention in a meeting, or hopefully just killing a few hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon, paper planes can fill the bill. Unfortunately, many of us only know one or two designs, and that can get old pretty quick. That's where it's handy to visit a site like Origami-Kids.

Origami-Kids has instructions for folding a whole bunch of different paper airplanes. Choose models that glide slowly or fly fast, or even "vortex" models—paper helicopters! And as with other origami projects, you don't need tape, glue, or scissors to complete any of the projects—just paper and the ability to fold it. And if you get tired of airplanes, they've also got a variety of boats and other paper folding projects to keep you busy and entertained.

Origami-Kids is a free online service. All you need is a web browser and some time on your hands.

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