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How big an impact do you make on the environment? Lots of communities encourage recycling, and there are many popular cars that get great gas mileage or are hybrids. But when all is said and done, there are still probably improvements that you could make to lessen the effect you have on Mother Earth. Carbon Footprint is a tool that could help you gain insight into how well you're doing.

By answering questions about how you live your life—miles you drive in a year, the average mileage of your car, energy consumption at home, even how much locally-produced food you consume—this tool helps you to calculate just how many tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) you generate in a year. Once you see how much you're responsible for, and which activities in your life generate it, you're better armed to try to reduce your impact on the planet, which will save you money as well as helping the environment.

Carbon Footprint is a free download. It's a Windows application.

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2 Responses to “Check Your Carbon Footprint”

  1. Georg Huber says:

    Dear Free-Download-A-Day Users and Owners,

    now this help-help-we-are-destroyers-of-our-climate hype found its way into a software download site.

    It won’t avail to much but please note two facts:

    1) CO2 is indispensable for plant life. More CO2 – more and bigger plants.

    2) There were times with much more CO2 in the atmosphere as today – and life on earth was thriving.

    I am a physicist with a doctorate in Physical Chemistry and I understand the mathematics behind the IPCC reports. There are so many “ifs” and unfounded assumptions to make this reports unfit for serious scientific discussions.

    Please be more skeptical about what politicians, actors and so-called do-gooders are saying.

    Those people are just seeking publicity to further their own careers and the media tags along for the same reason.

    Best regards,
    Georg Huber

  2. RG says:

    With all due respect one must question why the above commenter found his way on a software download site rather than why the software itself.
    For every 1 “if” in the “climate hype” (as the above commenter puts it) there 100 certainties. The old saying applies very well, if I am sick and visit 100 doctors I will believe the diagnosis of the 95 instead of 5 (it’s more like 99 to 1 in the climate case but doesn’t really matter).
    By the way, the things that are causing the climate problems are also causing pollution (separate from greenhouse gases) that is 100% bad for you.

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