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runs on Windows
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Unless you're a total troll, you do have occasion to interact with other people. While some relationships are totally functional—you have to talk with the IT guy if you want your machine to connect with the network—there are others that go beyond that into the personal realm. Once you take it into friendship, you know that there's going to be lending and borrowing of stuff. You just read that new novel and can't help but talk about it with your friends. Or maybe you just grabbed the latest DVD release. No matter what it is, somebody's going to want to borrow it. But whether it's a book or our hedge clippers, you probably want to get it back—or at least remember where they've gone the next time you want to work in the garden.

yLend is a tool that makes it easy to keep track of who you've lent your stuff to. When you decide to trust your buddy with that book or disc, it's easy to enter the date, name, and item name. Add notes to help you remember exactly which things you've lent, and you've got a permanent record of your generosity. When they return your item, just go in and delete the record. Pretty simple

yLend is a Windows application and runs on both 32- and 64-bit systems.

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