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Has this happened to you? You're walking down the street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden somebody jumps out of a dark alley and shoves a sheet of paper into your hand. You look down and see there's text on it, but you don't recognize the language it's written in. How are you going to figure it out?

Polyglot 3000 is a tool that can take a chunk of text—a page, a paragraph, or maybe even just a single word or two—and tell you which language it's written in. It can recognize nearly 500 different languages and dialects, so your text is probably on their list. European languages, Asian languages, African languages, Native American languages, and more—they're all there; even Esperanto, if you're so inclined (sorry, no Klingon). To speed things up, you can set this app to check only for "popular" languages, or do dive deep and check against the whole database.

Polyglot 3000 is a free download for Windows. And no, I've never had anybody shove a piece of paper like that into my hand either.

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6 Responses to “What Language is That”

  1. I’ve had this program before, I think about two hard drive crashes ago, and back then it was amazing.
    The current version though has me scratching my head – simple English sentences get recognized as Frysian, Estonian, as some African and Asian language… basically as anything but English.
    On the upside, the program does indicate itself that the recognition might not be correct, and even sticks a percentage of possible correctness to it…
    And still more interesting for me is that while the program doesn’t neccisarily identify a language 100% correctly, it does seem to place them in the right families of languages, for the majority of tries that I’ve done.

    So, this little program might not be a “spot-on” recognition tool, but provided that you have a bit of grey matter up in that noggin, the program will get you there – and I don’t know if it’s equipped with some learning algorythm or anything that might or might not improve results further with more use… time will tell.

  2. First of all….Great Site! Thanks….

    I know you folks check out the D/ls before you post them…

    Occurs to me that you might include the download file size, and type…..Say zip, .exe, etc…

    Otherwise, again….Great Site….!


  3. Mike Estes says:

    should rename website to
    free download some days

  4. Bommi says:

    For a couple of years it’s my daily routine to check this site in order to find out, if I need the presented program or not.

    I always enjoyed irony and humor of the portrayal text.

    I hope the maker (Mr.? Savetz?) is well off and will continue to present one great program every day.


  5. Thadeus says:

    I hope your still operating. Love your site and all the intel.

  6. Bommie says:


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