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Holidays are fun, but they can come with some heavy burdens as well. With Christmas, you've got to shop for the right gift for everybody on your list; for Easter you've got to find just the right springtime bonnet. That's one of the reasons we like Thanksgiving: the biggest pressure is finding enough room in your bulging belly to squeeze in just a little bit more pie. Sure, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, right?

Thanksgiving Printables offers a feast of different downloadable Thanksgiving-themed items. Start with Thanksgiving greeting cards and invitations—after all, you've cooked that huge turkey, so you're going to need a bunch of people to help you finish it off. And after the big meal, if you can stay awake and are looking for something to do other than watch the big football game, you might try out a Thanksgiving coloring page or two, a Thanksgiving word search puzzle, or even solving a Thanksgiving maze.

Thanksgiving Printables are free to download. They're all available as PDF files, so you'll need a copy of Adobe Reader to print them. In addition, the Thanksgiving greeting cards and invitations can also be downloaded as Word DOC files, so you can customize them with your own tasty greetings.

Download Thanksgiving Printables

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