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Love free stuff? So do we! At FreeDownloadADay.com, we bring you one great program every day — 100% free, no strings attached. We carefully select each free downloadable application, making sure it meets our high standards for usefulness, powerful features, ease of use, and time-tested system stability. At FreeDownloadADay.com, you'll find software for Internet viewing and communication, home and office productivity, business and financial tools, system utilities, fun and games, graphic design, entertainment and more. Here you'll never find buggy, ad-laden junk or spyware — just great software. (We cover Windows, MacOS, and Linux.) And if you don't want what we have today, come back tomorrow!

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What's with the squirrels, you might ask? We love to squirrel away great free software! We're nuts for downloads! (Did you know that for about every 80 nuts a squirrel buries it only remembers the location of one of them?) The cute little creatures you see at the top of the page are the site's mascots, Chippy and Cheapy. They welcome you to squirrel away your own piles of treasure from FreeDownloadADay.com.

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